A holistic Approach to diabetes mellitus

In all cases a complete medical record is taken, and a full clinical exam not limited just to diabetes, is carried out. People with diabetes need continuous education and a holistic approach, with an emphasis on examining all organs of the body, on how they are functioning in their work and personal life, and on exploring the psychological factors that may be affecting their quality of life, more than other popular factors such as cholesterol or glycated haemoglobin.

How often you consult your medical doctor depends on many factors, such as your age, the presence of comorbidities or any established complications, previous comprehensive patient education on diabetes, patient experience and motivation, and the degree of achieving blood glucose goals without major fluctuations and frequent lows (hypoglycaemic episodes).

As a matter of routine, the following tests should be performed at regular intervals:

  • Thyroid function assessment
  • Cardiovascular system evaluation and blood pressure monitoring
  • Overall assessment of risk factors (smoking, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, abnormal body weight stress, etc.)
  • Eye examination
  • Dental examination
  • Examination of feet
  • Renal - urinary tract examination
  • Blood and urine tests and imaging tests

A comprehensive programme of diabetes interventions includes:

  • Getting the necessary vaccinationssuch as those for flu, pneumococcus and hepatitis B
  • Continuous training on key issues ( how to measure blood sugar levels, diet, correct medication, identifying and treating hypoglycaemia), even for experienced people
  • Training and preparation for special situations: planning a pregnancy, exercise, travel abroad or within the country, periods of illness (with a fever or vomiting/diarrhoea), medical examinations or surgical procedures requiring fasting
  • Education for the family and caregivers, in order for them to become efficient in managing major issues such as diagnosing and treating hypoglycaemia, and supporting those in need, including children and elderly people with diabetes, or those in acute febrile illness

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