Non-invasive obesity treatment

What is the best non-invasive treatment for weight loss?

The best option for safe and effective weight loss is one tailored to your overall state of physical and mental health.

Consideration is given to the type of meals at work and at home, nutritional preferences, accompanying health problems, and psychological factors that may be associated with diet (depression, hyperphagia, impulse eating, etc.).

Previous failed weight loss attempts play an important role in selecting a treatment.

According to the World Health Organisation, the basic principle of preventing and treating obesity is changing your lifestyle by choosing a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. Combining a well-chosen diet with an increase in physical activity and, if indicated, medication, are the main factors in designing a modern non-invasive weight loss programme.

Medical follow-up before and during the weight loss programme guarantees that the optimal obesity treatment programme can be chosen and that it can be safely implemented.

Collaboration with a dietician, and in some cases with a psychologist and trainer, are key to a holistic approach; they will work as a team on you, generating the best results, both immediately and over time.

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